Oil + Air Filter Maintance

How often should I change my yz250f's oil?

How often should I clean my yz250f's airfilter?

Anything else I should change? When?

I don't have the bike yet. I'm waiting for it (06 250f) but I just want to know in advanced. :D

www.Thumperfaq.com there you will find all of your answers!!!! goodluck!

I change my oil and oil filter every other ride, i.e., after 2 rides or after about 150 miles of hard trail riding.

I clean my air filter after every ride almost, especially if I've been riding in dusty, dry conditions.

Buy filter skins and you won't have to clean the airfilter very often, just swap skins.





I change my oil and filter about once per month as I only trail ride once or twice per week. That's about every 6-8 rides and about every 18-24 engine hours. Its on the long side but I do what I have time for.

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