OMRA Benifit Poker Run (Diamond Mill)

Anyone else going tomorrow? I think I know of a couple people going, but anyone else need someone to ride with ? :D

I am going by myself.. I don't know anyone else who rides yet so I fly solo. This will be my first Poker Run and I'm really excited.. just got done changing the oil and air filter in preperation for tomorrows event. Probably not a bad time for a mini meet if enough people go.


I'm going with one other guy, your welcome to ride with us if you want. I rode with blindside last weekend, he's a great rider and we had a fun time at the poker run. I'll be riding an '04 250f number 6, my buddy rides an '05 yz250 number 42 I think, blindside rides an '04 450f number 4. We wont be able to get there till close to 10:00 am, but look us up if you get a chance.

I'll look around for you guys.. I'll be the girl on the 04' CRF150.. red Fox helmet and jersey, blue cargo pants. If I can talk my friend into going, she'll be on the white 95 XR100 with purple daisy stickers on the number plates. Yeah, I hate being seen in public with her on that thing but what the heck, it's for a good cause. Hopefully I'll see ya there!

Awesome ride with dan & his buddy today, we tore up the trails :D

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