valve adj.???

i checked my valves today..(crf 450x) exhaust was right on,

but the intakes were at .008 (spec is .006) off by one, thay give you 1 thou

+/- ... both were the same, is this ok?? seems odd that both were the same,

im thinking this is the way they were form the factory..i think things tighten

up a bit when is warmed up.... oh its omly got 150 miles on it.....


I would reshim for sure. You don't want loose valves.

Everyone reads a feeler gauge differently ,if you dont commonly use one buy yourself a go-no go feeler gauge and use a feeler blade that is .005 on the very end and .007on the other side .005 should fit easilly .007 should not.I personally wouldnt worry about a little bit of loosenes in a valve I would run it.My 450X at 120 miles had spot on intake valves and .004 too tight exhaust valves so I put it at top dead center pulled the rocker arm pin circlip and rocker arm pin then the rocker arm adjusted my shim thickness by changing shims and shoving the pin back into rocker assy untill everything was spot on then reinstalled circlip.More than likely those intakes will get tighter as the valves wear into the seat.

NSANEMX is right, don't adjust them and check in 500 miles.

More than likely those intakes will get tighter as the valves wear into the seat.

Exactly! They are not going to get any looser; only tighter, so I would leave them alone! :D

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