Best year model Gas Gas EC

When looking for a used Gas Gas in the $2,500 range, are some years and models better or worse than others. Which ones to avoid? Will consider the EC200, 250,or 300 since the weights and seat heights are all about the same. Low weight, low seat height, handle like a trials bike in the rough stuff are important. Raw horsepower is not that important, although the bottom end pull like my DR350 is great. I have noticed the Gas Gas EC`s don`t get too many bids on e-bay. The sellers usually ask top dollar, but bidders don`t participate much. Whats with this? thanks!

Theres a guy on KTM talk selling a 2004 EC200 for $3250. Good buy and I think he is in your area...

I don't know what years are the best, but I think they pretty much get better every year. Check out and read some of those threads as well.

You should be able to grab an '02/03 300 if not, stick with the 300 if possible.

The Gas Gas is a great bike, go with the 300 - they are quite reliable and handle great, the bad thing is the poor resale value, you can get a great deal on a great bike. Smackover will have everything you need...


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