Getting a Tag for WR Dual Sport Conversion

I live in Ga and just found out that technically, the bike must be titled for a tag. I know there are tons of dual sport conversion dirt bikes out there. How does it work in other states? Anyone else registered there bike in a state like Ga with a title requirement? Anyone register in another state then transfer to their home state? Thanks.

Go to where you get your car license plates and see if they have the paperwork. They should be able to tell you what you need for your state.

In Colorado I needed the bill of sale stating it was sold for off road use only, a verification of VIN (done at an emissions test center), and signed a paper that certified I added a list of things that make it legal. In some states may have to get it inspected to insure that you actually made the changes on the list.

The State of Vermont will tag a bike for less than $40. I haven't dealt with them directly, but a friend with a DRZ did and he said they were friendly and helpful (imagine that from a government agency.) He needed bike's "MSO", whatever that is, to get the tag and his finance company had to provide that. I guess that if you bought it outright, you'd have the MSO. I think that once he got the paperwork in order, it took just a few days to process.

I believe MSO is Manufacturers Statement of Origin or something like that.

There were three options in Colorado, bill of sale, MSO or something else. My finance company has the MSO so I provided the bill of sale.

MSO - Manufactures Statement of Origin. Basically the MSO is the 'title' prior to registering the bike/vehicle in a given state. I bought my WR from Competition Accesories in Ohio - I live in California. I took the MSO to the Dept of Motor Vehicles and title & registered the bike in California. The DMV kept the MSO since I now had the title in my name.


Hmmm, my MSO has "for off road use only, yadda yadda yadda" in huge print. Anyone taken their MSO with this on it to the DMV and still gotten their tag?

JamesD, that's a good idea. I could take the bill of sale and say there is a lein against the bike, so no title.

If that fails, I can go get an old XT and use the tag off of it :)

I called the Ga DMV and my local tag office and asked about getting that inspection. They responded as though I was speaking in Chinese! They don't have a clue about any such inspection for that conversion. I stayed on hold for 10 minutes for that?!

OK... You need to talk to some GA Enduro riders then.

Do a search for SETRA and see if you can't find somebody from GA who rides enduro's who has their dirtbike plated... better yet... look up the enduro schedule for GA and GO to the next enduro to check it out... take your bike.... ask questions in the pits... tell them you are a rookie and need a little help.

After that is done... you can probably go ride the first 20 miles of the trail and turn back (that is AFTER all the riders have left).

Good luck, it can't be that hard.

Thanks guys for all the help. I'm just frustrated right now. You know, the usual beurocratic quagmire we must endure. Well, at least those of us who like to be good, law-abiding citizens and still enjoy our sport.

DeBarker, last year I did attend a "dual sport" enduro of sorts. There's a place up in the N. Ga mountains call TWO (two wheels only) I was talking with a group of guys that came up for some trail riding. I saw 4 guys go over to their street bikes, pluck the tags, and paste them on their dirt bikes.

Hmmm, I do have a CBR. If the officer asks "Your tank says Yamaha, why is this tag registered to a Honda?" I could respond, "Uuuhh, that's right, they've merged corporations, this is the first Yamahonda :D" Sorry, I couldn't resist :)

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