who would buy this bike?

i wouldnt buy that shit for 36,000 dollars, hell no you could buy a brand new bike and trick it out hardcore for that much

you could buy 10 brand new bikes and trick them out


if i sell my house and live in the trailer :D

you could buy a new truck for that and have extra money to do stuff to it and probably still have extra to buy a sick bike

yea thats mostlikely what i would do if i had 36 grand pocket change

that cant be rite, u cant make an engine out of gold can you? and isnt gold quiet soft, wen u go off a jump it will bend!lol

its not made of gold.....everything on the outside is gold plated

oh thought dat would be abit crazy?

i saw bubbas bike in real life it looked cool but they wouldnt even let ppl touch it but i wouldnt want someone touching my 36,000 dollar bike i wonder if he has ever ridden it

sick, were did u see it?

glenn hellen

that place was awsome me and my friends did some covert opp sneaky shit and snuck in the pits and were getting chased by some of the staff but luckly we had some friends that were friends with a amature racer and we hung out in the pits with them at there rig

i seriously doubt he rides it. at least nothing more than just starting it up and going around showing it off. im sure he has at least 3 more 110's that are the same if not better than that one that he races. that guy can just just pretty much get anything he wants at kawasaki by just asking. must be nice to be sponsored by a motorcycle manufacturer

ya he doesnt ride it, two bros just made it for show..bubba has another klx110 that he rides thats tricked out

ya i didnt think so i am just wondering if someone does buy that bike if there gona ride it if not then what are they going to do with it

I'd ride that sh**. Hell, I'd buy that for my little son. Only thing is I have a little girl!!! :D

Just kiddin. That would be one hell of a trophy. What kind of trophy shelf would you buy to put that on?! :D

they should include a gold plated bike stand and add 4 grand to the price lol

oops i didnt see that stand lol well i guess they have thought of everything and a good price lol

I still cant believe they made a bike with gold plated everything..... insane I tell you!

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