trail tech

i just bought a trail tech computer and installed it using the extra magnet glued in one of the holes on the rotor because i couldn't get my rotor bolts loose imput my wheel size as 2133mm fowlling the steps and it says im doing 53 3rd gear half throdle, what did i do worng

Are you sure you measurments are correct? Is your speedometer set to bike #1 or bike #2? Maybe you have the computer is to the wrong bike in the setup.

no its bike number one and checked the math

Measurement sounds right. I think it sayed in mounting sender that magnet

should pass at top or bottom of sender if it passes in middle will show double

your speed.As for rotor bolt a little heat from propane torch on hub will loosen

up locktight to get bolt out.

rotor bolt is so tight that it just shredded my Allen wenches, i'll try to heat it up

i mounted my sender right where it said to and looks just like in the pictures

I just got done installing mine today and it seems to be working great! I had no issues with the rotor bolt, but a little heat usually helps that stubborn locktight. I will double check the mph next to a GPS to see how close it is. I think its on the money though! Also, I came up with 2114 for the wheel size measurement. I measured 26.5 inches and converted etc.. I seem to be a bit off compared to 2133 though. Could I be that far off?

No Trial Tech, but I did have to swap the rotor the other day. No heat required, nothing stripped or rounded. Allens are a pain, unless you have the proper size and then you must still use care. Instead of Metric, did you use an American Std Allen? Also good to have a set of Allens on 3/8 rachet mounts. My 2c's...

I believe I used a 6mm allen. As cheap as they are, get yourself a set, or else you will be having a horrible time doing alot of little things!

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