Removing cylinder head cover

I'm tearing down the top-end for a rebuild on a 96 XR250. I have all the cylinder head cover bolts removed, but have been unable to get the cover off. I suspect this is the first time it's been removed.

I've whacked it pretty good with my rubber mallet. I've also used a hammer and block of wood trying to break it loose. I can't get it to move. I've tried heating the cover with a torch, but no luck.

I'm trying very hard not to damage the aluminum, or break a fin. I've sprayed the gasket all the way around with PB Blaster a couple of times, but no luck so far.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

if you are 100% sure that you got ALL the bolts off including the big ones , then you will need to be more persuasive!,

use a piece of soft wood like pine and whack it evenly on the fins . it will take some doing to break the fins unless its a direct blow with a hammer


Thanks. My Honda manual does not have the big bolt in the center of the cover highlighted for removal. I loosened it and the cover came right off!

Another duh! moment...

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