Aligning forks, bars, wheel

05 CRF 80 forks will not line up. I have changed the bars, loosened up everything including fender and it still looks cockeyed. Never been crashed hard but maybe something is bent. Anyone else have this problem?

this is what to do, sit on the bike making the handlebars perfectly straight. Have someone hold it that way. If the wheel and forks is crooked from the fender and bars, put the front wheel in between your knees tightly. Use some force to kind of pull and crack the bars and or wheel& forks into a position that is straight. I have fixed 4 of my friend's bikes including my own with this method. It is the same principle as a bicycle that has crooked handlebars. Send a reply inside this forum if this works for u!!!

The last guy is right except that you should loosen the triple clamp bolts which hold the fork tubes and then you can easily twist the front end into shape. Make sure that when you retighten the tube clamps that you torque properly. I've seen a lot of tubes which don't stroke smoothly anymore because they've been crushed.


The fender or bars could be bent making it hard to tell if the forks are right. Eyeballing them from the side from a few feet away to make sure they are parallel can help.

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