Broke back and back brace

I got a compression fracture in by lower back it happened on 4-16-05 It feels way better now.I can barely feel it when I sneeze.I have been back to work on light duty now for two months and they sent me back home on 8-12-05

untill my doctor says I am 100% healed.It's a company policy they have at my job if you do not get injured on the job and they bring you in on light duty you can only be on light duty for two months I have an appointment on

8-15-05 and I am wondering what my doctor is going to say.

Has any one had a compression fracture and had to wear one of those braces before.I am wondering if I am still going to need to wear it for a while or even if the doctor says I do not have to wear it any more is he going to release me to full duty at work.

It is going to suck if I have to go on state dissabilty again.What is going to suck is the 7 day period that they do not pay for at the beginning.The pay is very good except for that nonpaid 7 days.

What really sucks Is that I was doing my company a favor by going in on light duty to help them becouse the position I was doing was a guys that moved away and they had me come in to do that job and to make sure that position was filled.

I pretty much feel I was used.If my doctor does not release me to full dutyandthe state dissabilty does make me go thru the 7 day period again on the exsisting injury than I hate to say it but I think I am going to have to see if I can make the company pay the 7 days.

Doug, I compression fractured T2-T7. PM me if you want some more information. I know exactly what you are going thru. It's a severe bummer. I didn't feel good for about a year. The second year things started to improve rapidly and now I'm riding again. I think I wore the brace for about 3 months or so, maybe 4 I can't remember. That was a REAL bummer. The first thing I did when I started to feel a little better (about 2 months and had the brace on at that point) was to drive somewhere. I promptly backed the car out and into my neighbors Explorer. :D :D That was it. My wife put me back on non-driving status for another few months until the brace was off and I could turn my head a little again. Good luck, and if you want more info on rehab, the docs, chiro, theraputic massage or anything else, please PM me and we'll talk. Best of luck.


I am replying to the thread I posted a couple days ago,It was two replies back.

Well I got released back to work 100% and have been working now for a week and everything seems ok.I can feel it in my back a little bit but it seems ok.I think I got pretty lucky :D:D:D

Doug, glad to hear you're feeling OK.

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