Dual Sport for a Shorty

I'm looking for a dual sport for my wife. She's very short. I tried the Yamaha TW 200, it's about three inches to tall. Any way to lower the seat height of the TW. If not, does anyone know of a dual sport that'll fit a short person?

How short is very short. What's her inseam? How tall is she. Have you had her sit on a Yamaha xt225? It's advertised as the shortest seat hight at just under 32 inches.

shave the seat foam on the bike.

When my wife was looking for a bike she is 5'2". She tried a TW and even though it was shorter then the XT she was more confortable on the XT as the seat was a little more narrow. Have her try the XT. My wife tried the DR200 the KLR 250. and both where way too tall. The XT is an excellent little bike, I would ride one for bombing around the woods in a hot minute, and it is not bad around town or for short jonts 20 or so miles on the highway.

I'm 5'1" (27.5" inseam) and have an XT225. I'm tiptoeing, but the bike's so light that it's manageable. :D

Have her ride in heels! :D:D:D

Are you sure its still too tall? Many people think if they cant put their feet on the ground flat, its too tall. In reality, if you can hold the bike up setting still, even if its the tip of your toes, it fits! You can have a lowering link made. There is a dog bone shaped link under the swingarm, remove it and have another pair made (anyone with a CNC machine can do this reasonably) and make it longer. Usually, every 1/4" at the link in length will be about 1" to 1 1/4" lower seat height. Make sure you can lower the fork tubes the same amount. Depending on the triple tree, the tubes may hit the handlebars limiting it. Some are off set enough where its endless.

Try a Honda Reflex TLR200. They don't make them anymore but there are plenty of them out there used. Thay last forever. It is a trials bike but they make good light trail bikes. Plus they're street legal.

I saw a cool picture of a Scorpa TY125 trials bike with the long ride seat option. (very low seat) It appeared to have turn signals and lights. Powered by Yamaha TTR125 or very similar engine. About 160 pounds. They gave it great reviews.

Thanks for all the info. She tried the Yamaha XT. She had a worse time on it the the TW. The XT does look like it has more seat cushion to remove so that's a possibility. If worse comes to worse I'll have her placed on the rack and stretched a bit!

You might also want to try a Super Sherpa, they are not in the states anymore and used ones seem to be hard to find, in my neck of the woods. Still a Dual Sport but a little less.....off roady. More of a gravel road bike.

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