Ttr125 Is Playbike Of The Year

^^^how many of you knew that :D ... ive known for a while now just never mentioned it.. now when you see the question which playbike is the best or the old xr vs ttr question we now have some REAL proof that the old ttr125 is the best :D:D

i and everyone else knew it was the playbike of the year it has been for a long time :D

Yeah it was PBOTY, in 01.

I always knew it in my heart. Thanks for lettin us know. LOL

yeah i saw that on SPEED a few months ago :D

TTR125 is Blue ^^^ How many of you knew that? :D . Old news bro, but for those new to the sport, the TTR rules.

well im just saying the 2005 bike won it... sorry

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