Hot Cam Inlet Only

If I fit a Hot Cam, inlet only I understand that it will improve the low and midrange.

But will it make any difference to higher revs as well ?

And which cam should I use for mainly street, stage 1 or2 ?

Also is it a drop in job, or will it require re-shimming.

I understand that some will need shimming, but what are the chances of getting away with out.

And lastly (for now) will it make much difference to jetting ?




I'd only get stage 2 myself. The intake has shown to be a straight drop in with no re-shimming necessary in most cases, granted there may be an odd one out there. The exhaust does need re-shimming and usually by 20.

Not much if any gain on the top end with it alone, both really help there.

And most likely you will need to re-jet a size or two smaller on the main to compensate.

The stage 2 is the only way to go. 10guy is right on about the shimming. The problem you will have is, the intake only is like a reverse turbo. Where your power spread was nice and flat, the increase will make it feel like it falls off bad on top. If you like to rev, you'll be buying the exhaust cam in no time.Some of the best bang for the buck out there.

Thanks for the advice everyone.

I have taken the plunge, BOTH CAMS and a SHIM KIT on order from the TT shop. :D:eek::eek::eek:

The Wallet is now cleaned right out :D:D:D

Neil. :D:D

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