Hit the Mother Lode.....

Bought a basket case '86 XR200 today. Wanted the suspension, since Honda downgraded the suspension starting in '93 {my bike!}.

The treasures abound! Freshly reworked forks, shock rebuilt with a new Eibach spring, new tires front and back, new decals in the package, new chains{2}, 3 handlebars of different shapes {2 new}, barkbusters, Acerbis headlight/numberplate new in box. 3 seats and sets of plastic.

Then the big ticket items came out! A brand new, in the box, Cobra ISDE exhaust! The motor, fresh off of a complete rebuild by a well known local mechanic, still has the instructions tag wired to the exhaust studs. New cam chain and guides, Wiseco high comp piston in a fresh bore, head work etc.

I guess I shouldnt complain about the fact there was no fuel tank, after all, I paid $200.................. :D :D :D


Im jealous....

Awesome find!! I never come across deals like that.

You better get out of town before the cops come knocking on the door cause you stole it!!!!!LOL Congrats, that is one sweet deal!

No worries about cops, I am now the second owner, title in hand!


You wouldn't by any chance want to part out some of that bike would ya? I need a rear rim and fender. My bars are a little bent too.

I will have to take stock first, there may be some small stuff available. The rims arent for sale, hopefully I will have it reassembled in time for my daughter to race it in the SETRA Junior Enduro series, 1st race Labor Day weekend!


Nothing better than getting a great deal. :D

Hard to beat a deal like that!!! :D

What's the plan, are you putting it back together or using the parts on your 93?

When you said reworked forks do you know what was done?

Old School Al

I can only guess, since he couldnt remember.....heavier springs, possibly valve work.

I will be putting it back together, might even go for a license plate, it did come with a title!


Man thats awesome :D sweet deal. I'd love to come across something like that.Get it all together and sell it. Get a brand new bike if I could :D

great deal howga find it

I am insanely jealous. I have to look on ebay for single parts from '80s XR200s, but you got the whole bike for as much or less as I will eventually pay for all of the parts seperately. Nice find! :D

Yeah, I was gonna Ebay the old school suspension, and slide them into the '93 frame. That WAS gonna cost me......

How did I find it? Networking, plain and simple. Asked some of the "old schoolers" in my cycle club, got a lead, found out it was sold, asked the former owner to check to see if the buyer was going to build the bike, found out it was collecting duct in their garage too. Quick buy-back by the original owner, I show up with cash and a trailer!

He called me today, the fuel tank and some rear fenders were discovered and are waiting for me!


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