Getting out of Mud

I was out riding a few weeks ago and i saw a little murky pond i was going to putt through :D and when i went up to it my bike sank axel deep in the deepest mud i have ever seen :D . It was like that suction mud that pops when you pull your foot out of it.

I wasnt quite sure how to get out of and i was scared to try and power through it cause i didnt want to dig myself deeper in. So i ended up having to have my buddy hold the front wheel while i struggled to move the back end to dry land and then the same with the front. It ended up being a total hassle and i had crap in my chain and a bunch of stuff got messed up.

Anyways i was wondering if anyone had any good tips on how to get out of the mud like that without messing up your bike or having to go through the hassle. I appreciate the feedback guys, thanx.

you pretty much figured it out right there, trying to power out will pretty much only dig you deeper, try hitting it with more speed next time.

nope.. powerthrough lol.. as long as your still moving stay on the gas. if stuck stand beside bike and push on bars while holding on the throttle.. never gotten stuck, and ive had that same mud engulf my entire rear tire

From my experience there is no easy way.

I rode thru a mud patch/swamp and buried my whole rear wheel, and about half of the front. This shit was the consistency of fresh cement :D I had to go find some doors to stand on for flotation. All this and I was riding alone, about 3km from my truck. I had to dig out my bike for about an hour, then muscle it up and over onto some firm ground. While doing so getting eaten alive by a swarm of mosquitoes. It really sucked.

I was just barely able to get my tank of a bike out.

The only thing I can advice is to really watch were your going, test out the mud/puddle to see if you can get through it.

PIN IT and let the bike do what its supposed to.

The one trail at my cottage has a beaver pond that u have to go through, its up to my crf 250s gas tank lol

PIN IT and let the bike do what its supposed to.

Exactly thats why they are called dirtbikes :D

Years ago my wife and I were riding and got stuck in a quicksand bog. We worked for hours trying to get both bikes out. Occaisonally we would go down to the river and wash the mud off of us because we were so slimy we couldn't do anything. We finnaly got her smaller bike out and cause it was getting dark we both rode her bike out and came back the next day with a comealong (small ratchet winch). It was easy with the winch.

when i first started out riding i rode through a really muddy swampy place, and i got stuck and i got off my bike must of been up to my knee caps, and tried standing beside it and pushing with the gas on, but after looking it over, i walked to the front of my bike and grabbed on to the front wheel and just rolled it forward and rolled the bike out of the hole i dug for it, then i got beside it and managed to push on the bars and power through...rolling your front wheel i think is one of the best techniques to do :D but shhhhh it's a secret, ahahaha.

in iowa we have alot of that really really really slippery mud with that same type of suction power that almost takes your boot off when you go through it lol (clay).i find the best way to get my bike out of it is stand beside it with the bike in like 3rd or 4th gear. rev it up and let go of the clutch. yes it sounds kind of dangerous :D but its been the best way for me and it works. ive gotten out of many mudholes that way :D

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