Spark and Clutch problems in my 610TE - Help

OK up untill yesterday I thought that I owned the most highly maintained Husky in the world, well thats what my wife yells at me when Im not paying her enough attention. :eek:

Problem 1;

So yesterday I was out riding and noticed that the clutch was grabbing as I took off, now I have just had the levers and cables apart doing a bit of cleaning, so I think its an adjustment issue rather than a clutch basket issue - but I may be wrong. The grabbing got better as the bike warmed up? - any ideas

Problem 2;

Half way through my ride, the throttle started playing up :eek: It ran like shit from about 1/4 throttle on. The eng became really rough, sounded like a V8 running on 5 cylinders!. So I pull over and check the fuel bowl for dirty fuel or an air leak - Its fine.

Next I check the air filter for blockage - thats fine too.

So I dropped in a brand new spark plug (finaly somthing in my gear bag pays off) and she fires up and runs fine :D Off I ride again and then about 1 hour later it started again, I thought surely not 2 dodgy plugs in one day, so I start checking the plug lead and connections, nothing obvious but then after starting up again it was fine :D Well the bike got me home with no further dramas but now Im stumped, I pulled of the alternator cover and it all looks fine in there, years ago I heard of magnet problems so I marked the unit with a bit of paint to pick up any slippage.

I can handle most stuff around the workshop but electics drive me insane, I hate messing with stuff you cant see.

I have a huge 4000klm ride coming up next month and need to sort this out now, so any help would be great guys.

Scotty :D

Need year and model, if you have the computer or brain box behind front # plate check the blue wires they are grounds . If it starts ok but runs like crap that is usually the problem. Or the box is bad.

Year 2000


Rodger the wires Ill check into that! thanks


Not much help today eh?

Well I may have sorted it out myself, and for the help of others here is what I found.

The clutch problem - due to the current cold weather we are having here in Queensland Australia, thus causing the plates to grab.

The Spark problem, probley not spark at all, I found that the tiny O'ring on the shaft that the fuel bowl fits around has a bit of rubber cut out of it, and therefore not causing a complete seal. Rumour has it that this O'ring can be the biggest cause of most rough running issues with the Dellorto carb. So guys and Gals be very carefull when replacing the bowl to ensure that you are not cutting the O'ring.

So there you have it log that info away in your stiff shit file for later ref.


Thats your start jet or enrichning jet Comes into play when choke is on just put very small amount of grease on your finger tip just slightly grease it, the bowl will slip on easier and won't tear it.

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