Clutch not disengaging

Any info on why my clutch wont disengage. It is not on my rmz . It is on my sons RM125. Just thought id ask in this forum.Thanks in advance

I've had bikes that would not disengage after sitting up for long periods. Most of the time it just need to be "broken loose". Has your bike been sitting for a while?

Actually we ride every week. My son told me it was not disengaging while we were at the track. Pulled the clutch apart. Everything looked fine. I didnt measure the thickness of the plates or anything but they looked ok.

1. check the actuator arm(the thing the cable pulls) pull it out of the case and check it for wear, at the part that rides on the push rod. also check the actuator arm does not jiggle around in the hole. that will create a flex issue.

2. make sure the cable has about 10 mm of free play at the end of the lever when adjusted. too much = no full disengage too little = slipping clutch. ...and little or no play where the bolt pivot is.

3. after that, remove clutch, and check pushrod and throw out bearing....but it's most likely 1. or 2. good luck

I checked the Actuator. and pushrod both are fine. Even if i tighten the freeplay to 0. It still does not disengage. It says in the manual that if it does not disengage the plates could be warped. If i pull in the lever it pushes enough on the pressure plate so that the plates are loose. It is driving me nuts.Do you think i should replace the plates and springs?.Thanks again

Are you sure that the free play adjuster on the clutch perch and the adjustment on the cable itself are proper and not loose? This is the most common cause for this problem. It could also be dirty oil, very dirty oil at that, that is causing too much friction between the plates so they don't disengage.

Oil has been changed every 3 rides. and cable slack has been set at 10mm . I tried changing the springs but no change. Would the basket be bad.? It is driving me crazy. I had it apart like 6 times. if i pull in the clutch the pressure plate moves freely and the plates are loose . So i dont get it.Thanks

I would suspect the basket and hub after all you have said. You can inspect the basket for wear. Look at the clutch basket for grooves worn where the clutch plates lock into the basket. I have seen small grooves worn into the basket from the clutch plates.

If there are grooves in the basket, the clutch will not disengage because the clutch plates get stuck in these grooves.

Yes there are grooves in the right side on the clutch basket. Deep ones. Now that i think i have the problem solved my question is. Can i change only the Basket (with Hinson of course) . The inner hub and pressure plate are fine . If i use a Hinson clutch basket is it ok to use the origonal inner hub and pressure plate. I really dont want to spend an additional $400 if i dont have to. Thanks again

A hinson would be great but I think a better bet would be an O.E. basket. they come with the gears pressed on and unless your racing, a hinson is $200 just for the hub....then you can pay your local shop another $50-$100 to drill out the rivets and press the kickstart gear into it...after all that you'll give that part away if you sell the bike. you should be able to get an O.E. replacement for less than $200 and you just bolt it in........also try to rock the basket back and fourth while installed, if it rocks, replace the needle bearing with the basket.

if the clutch is not slipping, yes you can just replace the basket.

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