TCC members pleas enlighten me

I went for a ride at Capitol Forest today and we thought we'd try something new and run the North Rim #1 loop, A little ways in we ran into freshly built whoops that had large trenches on the other side where the dirt came from, some of these in very bad spots(mid corner, I saw one that if hit with any kind of speed would launch you clear off the trail and down the hill side), Then we ran into your work party doing more digging and whoop building. Whats the plan here? I ran into a few that were hanging my 230's skid plate, whats a kid on a 50 going to do faced with that? The trail was whooped out enough so it can't be to slow people down. I was glad we got past the work party because it was really starting to suck just riding whoop after whoop like that just getting worn out instead of having fun. There has to be more to this than what I saw so Trail Cruzers, tell me what's going on here. I am glad to see someone maintaining it, especially the ones putting the poker runs on, there were a few problem areas that I did see cleaned up on the Middle Waddel trail :D

You could always stop and ask those hard working trail maintenance workers what they're doing.

But, being one of those trail worker guys in another part of the state, those are what we call 'waterbars'! They help catch runoff water and divert it off the trail, so after the rainy season, you don't have creek beds down the middle of the trails. Usually, we don't put those on blind corners, although it may have been necessary in some of those cases.

The "trench" part is somewhat of a catch basin and the "whoop" is basically a small dam running at a slight angle to direct the water off to the side.

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