CR85 jetting, pining sound

Hey, Ive got a cr85 and it sorta makes a ping sound in it out of corners, like quarter throttle. Would it help if i ran a better coolant in it like engine ice or 2 cool? I run pump gas premium I have a tight enough racing budget I cant afford race gas at all. Its got a procircuit pipe/silencer on it and v-force 2 reeds. I didnt change jetting when I put the reeds on does that have something to do with it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated im not in a mechanical family. Im about 230 feet above sea level right by niagara falls new york.

If its pinging under mid throttle try dropping the needle clip one notch.

Lucas sells an octane booster made for dirtbikes that does not hurt anything on the motor because in usual dirtbike manuals it tells u not to use octane boost additive but lucas is designed to work for mx bikes. give it a try it is still cheaper than buying race gas. That does sound like an octane deficency

Whos Lucas? And thanks a ton the pinging stopped after I dropped the clip 1 position.

Lucas is a company. They make oil products.

Glad to hear the pinging stopped with just a needle adjustment.

Wow that lucas stuff is wicked. It makes your bike get 101 octane on 25 litres per bottle, and on ebay you can buy the bottles for 6.95 and free shipping.

But one question, What octane do you have to boost to get that 101? Is it 91 or sunoco 94? I hear the 94 has too much ethynol and its not good for your bike? Help me out here.

Where did you find they claimed that it would raise pump gas octane to 101? Most octane boosters will only raise the octane by maybe 0.7. When they say raises octane by 7 points they really mean by 0.7.

the ad in ebay said that it tested 3 times more boost than other octane boosters and that it could make 101 octane for 25 litres per bottle (16oz) or 105 octane for 12.5 Litres even look


I am offering A product We have been waiting for some time direct from the USA Lucas Oils Octane Booster is the only booster that is approved by the NHRA (national hot rod association) a genuine performance enhancer and a specific upper cylinder Lubricant that ensures easier piston travel and valve seat protection and also ensures maximum life and performance from pumps,injectors and carburetors. Tested 3 times more boost than most brands one bottle will treat 25 gallons to 101 octane or 12.5 gallons to 105 octane which is near on full race fuel (std unleaded is 97ish) it is suitable for all petrol engines carb or fuel injection and will not harme turbos, oxygen sensors and catylitic converters Think about it how many people out ther have spent £100`s if not £1000`s building an engine to get the best out of it then trundle off to the local filling station and put £20 of pump gas in it sounds CRAZY give your engine a chance boost its horsepower the easy way.

this guy sounds a little weird u guys would know if hes wrong or right tho

DOH! shoulda got the v forve 3 reeds! :D

It sounds a little optimistic, but not horrible. However if Canadian gas is similar to US gas premium is only 93 Octane at best, not 97 like in the UK (where the auction was listed).

The compression ratio on the CR85 is pretty low really, I dont see any reason to run more than pump gas on a stock top end.

its running better now, thanks to the guy who told me to move the needle. and thanks to all the other guys, now i can go brag to my friends about what i know. wow what an amazing forum. and are the v-force 3 reeds alot better than 2s? is it really noticable?

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