Gear For a kid?

I recently bought a used xr70 for my son. I want to get quality safety equipment. Can any body help me as to what brands to stay away from or what brands are good to buy. There seems to be a lot of stuff out there and I'm a little confused. I know to get a dot | snell helmet, but what else should I be looking for. He's 8. Thanks.

Helmet (DUH), Chest Protector, Boots, Jersey, Gloves, Pants, Neck Protector, Goggles, And He Has Everything The Pros Use. Has A Ton Of Equipmentand Free S&h Over $100. "thor" And "fox" Are Probably The Some Of The Best Brands But They're Pretty Much All Good.

just make sure that you let him know how important it is to wear all of his gear all of the time!!! go for the full set-up... after his first big get off, you will be glad....

add shin guards to the list mini thumper made... he will be so glad he has them on if he was anything like me when I started... knees bruised like there was no tomorrow... good luck! :D

well i dunno about you but i would shop and go under gear and look under clearance..all the 04 alloy stuff and some other brands is going for like $5 - $10 bucks a piece..04 alloy jerseys are $10 bucks, gloves are 5..same price for youth

insane deal, i just got a full 04 alloy gear package for like 65 bucks

Thought I'd bring this thread back to life for a moment -- seems a good one, as there really is a ton of gear out there, and the last thing I want is my son wracked up because of my desire to get him riding... What's everyone make of these neck systems that attach to their chest protectors? I don't see a lot of kids with it on, so I thought maybe there's a reason?

I got my son everything, except a neck protector at first. He is very cautious and does not go very fast. Let me tell you he is loving all the gear, helmet, goggles, elbow pads, chest protector, knee pads and boots along with jersey, pants and gloves. He has had some pretty good get offs and has not complained at all. Just gets up and goes back at it because of all the gear. He finally started wheeling/ jumping on some jumps last weekend and started to say his neck hurt. So before the next outing he will have a neck roll. I knew I would be getting him one once he started jumping a little, but until this point he has not complained about it, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't hurt to get them one before hand.

A problem w/ the ones attached to the chest protector is that the chest protector moves around too much under a fall. So the neck padding is likely to be shifted out from under the helmet, and that does it no good.

You'd be better off w/ a dedicated neck support (RC1,RC2) that you know will not roll out from under the helmet, which BTW, is what breaks the broken collar bone under compression.

Makes sense. How is the neck collar for restrictiveness/"bothersomeness"?

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