the debut of the "beast"

nice clean looking bike :D Now go get it dirty :eek:

BTW how does the Biggun sound? Loud I assume. I hear they come with a quiet core. Does that bring the noise down to a respectable level where people aren't gonna :D about it?

*edit* No fork seal protection? Might wanna get sealsavers. Cheap, look a lot better than the stock boots, and they work :D

Nice :D

pretty sweet!!

lol did yo jst change the handle bars the pipe and slap handguards on

the big gun is really loud on the bike. mine didnt come with the quiet core and i havnt heard it with one in. i think its just as loud if not louder than my 250f w/ a dr. d. it sounds good though. Oo and i have pink shock boots for the bike, i just took them off for the pic :D

nice bike

the evo x comes with a quiet core i have it on my bike but i took the quiet core out

i'd rather have a bbr pipe

hey man i saw u out at elsinore... i cant believe you cleared the 100 ft step up on that 230 it was siiiiiiiiiiiick!!!!!!!!!!!!


yea it was pretty crazy. i had it 6th gear pinned

any vids :D

that thing is nice


how did you get the rubber shock guards off

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