450 gearbox flaw

I just serviced my 2004 450 and cam to the conclusion that the 4th gear (primary shaft) was worn out, verifying the gearbox of two other friends with the same bike, I cam to the conclusion that theirs is also the same or worse! I compared it to the 426 gearbox, which is a lot robuster designed. Why? What is happening. I am not reading anything on this forum about gearbox problems, but it seems (3 cases) that the gearbox (esp 4th) is wearing out premature, can anyone with similar experiences confirm this?

Hey, you guys want them lighter, they have to trim it from somewhere! :D

How many miles have you done?

Any more details like where, on the shaft, are they wearing, pictures etc? Do you guys only ride in the dirt or on the road as well? How many miles on the bikes? Do you change the oil and filter regularly?

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