Thumb Brake

Hi,Its Been A While Since I Was Last On Here.

I Need A Thumb Operated Brake Set Up For My VOR,Basically Smashed Both Legs About 4 1/2 Years Ago,Loads Of Op's. Trouble Is My Right Shin Is Twisted About 30' Clockwise,So When Standing On The Pegs Gripping Tank With My Knees I Look Like Charlie Chaplin9Well Almost) And Cant Use The Rear Brake Unless I Stomp It With My Heel,Not Good For Control.

Whats The Cheapest Set Up,Even Homemade Will Do As I Dont Want To Spent Nearly £1000 For It

Many Thanks For The Strange Question.

PS I Dont Want To Go Auto Clutch.

Check out manufacturers for stuntbike things. I know a lot of them use handbrakes and stuff. Not sure about how to make a thumb brake but an easy way for a clutch style one is a brake master cylinder upside down and then mount it below the clutch and get a brake line from a hose place. For a thumb brake I guess you could do the same thing and instead of the normal lever make one that works the same but wraps around under the bar into the right position.... I haven't made a thumb brake but just thinking out loud :D I know the upside down master cylinder works because one of my mates has one on his stunter. :D

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