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I have a 2003 KLX400 (dualsport version) with a complete supermoto kit (EBC 320mm brake, Talon hubs, Excel rims, Dunlop D208 tires, Acerbis SM fender, 44T sprocket) and most of the popular mods (3x3, hotcam, DJ kit, suspension springs, pro taper bar, handguards, steel braided brake line.)

It has about 3000 miles and is in good (not perfect) condition and runs great.

If I were to sell it, would $5000 be out of line for the entire package?

sold me an '05 drz400sm for $4999

If you have a full set of dirt wheels/tires to go with it that adds a lot to the value.

I bought a bone stock 2004 DR-Z400S with 600 miles on it and still under factory warranty for 3650.

With your upgrades and a full set of dirt wheels I would say 5k is not unreasonable.


5k doesn't seem out of line to me. It Cant hurt to try. All else fails return to as stock as possible and sell off the good stuff. You could 1200 just for the SM stuff pretty easy. I'm sure there is still a wait for SM wheels thru East Coast.

You might want to try Ebay for your SM stuff. It would be hard to sell a used bike for the price of a brand new bike, but you might be able to sell your parts, and then sell the bike, and maybe end up with more money. Do an ebay search, and see what parts are going for. I know that some FCR carbs go for more than the price of a brand new one. :D

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