XR400 Suspension on XR250

Well, here's another angle on XR suspension. Has anyone tried mounting an XR400 fork and shock on a '96 or newer XR250? I have both bikes and every time I take the 400 out I wish it were a lot lighter, but the suspension works pretty good. When I jump on the 250 after riding the 400 it feels so light and nimble compared to the 400. Then I hit some ruts or rocks and wish I had better suspension, front and back. I have been looking at USD fork conversions for the 250, but the rear needs to be higher and better as well. That's when I thought about the 400 fork and shock on the 250. It would be as good a setup as I would ever need for that bike and the front to rear balance would be right too.

It almost seems like it would work without too much trouble. I know that the 400 and 250 use different size bearings at the steering stem, but the stem length looks to be the same on both bikes. They also use similar rear linkage parts, so the shocks should be interchangeable. I was just wondering if anyone here has attempted the swap and how it worked out. I guess I might have to be the first to give it a try since I have both bikes. I would eventually find used 400 parts for the conversion though, since I want to end up with two bikes in the end. I still like the 400 a bunch for more open riding, but the 250 is suck a kick in the tight stuff.

Ive seen XR 400 forks on a post 96 250, had an ohlins to balance it at the back

I tried the shock on my 02 XR250, you will need the linkage and probably the swing arm from the 400. I also had the usd fork from a klx 300, changed my mind because I have a yz400f to go with my 250. If you want to put the forks on the 250 you will need the complete triple tree. Measure the inner diameter of the bearing from the KLX and the outer from the XR and find one in that size. Bearings are standardized across the industry so you could get with a timken or other bearing rep and they could help you. Or dig through a parts bin at a dealer and see if you can find one to match. The Stem on the KLX is a little longer so you will have to make a small spacer 1/4 " or so. A grade 8 or 8.8 washer should work perfect. Your rake and trail may also change.

I didn't go into a lot of detail with the shock. The 400 shock is longer than the 250's so you will need the linkage from the 400. But if you use the swing arm you will gain about 1 inch of wheel base. you may have to trim the swing arm a little or make a spacer, I'm not sure. I just sold all parts listed on ebay.


'99 YZ400f

'02 XR250R (soon a 280 with pumper carb)

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