Anyone else dress like this when you race?


No i usually ride in the nude... i dont see the point of the thread

Hey, he cant afford a new bike, so he cant afford riding gear either! :D

sick 909er

I see people like that all the time.

At least he's wearing a chest protector. It's just a little road rash on the arms.

i don't see anything wrong with it? :D hahahaha

you mean there's another way to dress? lol

Heck yea I would so ride like that so I coould be a giant scab

i ride in the backyard like that

No but thats a cherry old CR

a lotta pit riders dress like that and in pit i don't mean at the races

Looks like he has all the gear on. So he is minus the jersey and pants...all the gear is there. Maybe it was hot as shit that day?

Yeah im guessing it was hot as hell out there. At least his wearing his imortant protective gear.

all the ama sanctioned tracks in NJ have rules as far as clothing goes, you need a

i do ride without a shirt when i ride fmx ramps/freeride but never at the track, they woulnt let me

just a thong

either he thinks hes hot stuff... or it was hotter the h*ll that day

I dont see whats wrong with it. Hes got the main gear on. A jersey isnt going to save you from getting scraped.

He's wearing more protection than most quad riders I've seen. :D

As hot as it's been here lately, that might be the ONLY option. Getting scrapes ain't great, but croaking from heat stroke is just downright bad!

He's wearing more protection than most quad riders I've seen. :D

Hey, quad riders have four wheels so they won't fall over, right? They don't need no stinkin' gear. :D

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