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My first ride report on 2004 TC450/valve check...

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-Well to say the least I am still smiling. I didnt ride at the track today but I climbed some mean cliffs and did some whoops and screamed through trecherous NE PA loamy silt.

-The bike turns on a dime, I feel comfortable sweeping through a corner w/out letting off the gas. On my YZF450 I was never able to do this. :D

-Jumping the bike I never thought once that the bike was heavy. It could use some stiffer springs but I also weigh 215lbs. I was easily clearing 60ft jumps. Just have to ease on the gas so you get more trackable power to acell quick enough. :D

-Just dont let off because of engine breaking :eek:

-through the woods on tight fast trails the engine breaking works as a benifit making tight turns. I hopfully will race some GNCC where I think this bike will shine :D

-Climbing Hills is amazing. On par w/the YZF450 :eek:

-through whoops this bike skips right over them. the front end did not want to dip and the rear stayed in line :eek:

Things I really like:

Power curve :eek:

Brakes :D

Suspension :D

Electric Start :D

Ease to work on the bike :p


Engine Breaking :D

Cheep non-o-ring chain :D

Also I changed the oil and checked the valves:

Both intake and exhaust were spot on :D

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Yeah I like the bike. Runs great. thanks again, if you are ever up this way there are many places to ride near my house and some great tracks :D

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