Ot :espn 2

I just wanted to remind everyone that the National 2005 spelling bee is being televised at 1 this afternoon.

No motocross coverage for several weeks by OLN.

I cannot wait for the spelling Bee!

Thanks, RC! I almost forgot that! :D

We had such good coverage (notwithstanding any of the usual complaints about the commentary) of the SX, and now, we are treated to this. As a cyclist, I regard the Tour de France as probably the single biggest sporting event in the world, and it's a huge accomplishment for anyone to win it once, nevermind 7 times, nevermind consecutively, and nevermind a recovered cancer victim. It's an amazing thing, and worth every second of coverage it got.

But, if they knew, and they did know, that they were going to devote that much time to the TDF, what were they thinking when they bought the rights to show the Outdoor Nationals?? When do they plan to show it, in October, when nobody cares anymore? What was the AMA thinking when they let them buy it? Was the AMA thinking? Sorry I asked.

I agree 100%. The tour coverage on oln was stunning. I suppose I secretly hoped the same energy could someday be devoted to MX.

I really dont care to watch the Tour de France, but I understand its significance and OLN seems to be the perfect channel to display such an event. However, it makes no sense at all to me that OLN bought the rights to broadcast the MX Nationals. I really dont see what was wrong with ESPN showing it. At least you got to see the races the next day (mostly)!

Hopefully since SPEED is showing Supercross now (starting '06) they'll end up buying the rights to Motocross as well. I'm unsure how long OLN's contract is though.

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