450exc vs wr450

Good friend of mine sunk $300+ on a new yosh for his wr450. I want to help the guy out because I still crawl away from him with a stock 450exc :D (new jd jetting kit of course). What else can the fella do to keep up :D . How much money does he need to invest or should we convince him in getting the 525exc? :D

Are u sure he can ride good. I would think that a wr450 would not have much problem keeping up or passing your bike. I know my yz426 doesn’t have any prob. with the orange bikes. One good mod would be to change exhaust bc the stock one is real restrictive

i got a m8 with an '04 525 (redesigned cams, an exhaust mod and some other stuff)and my 450 (with hotcams, headwork, kibblewhite full valve kit, barrett header, fmf powercore iv can, big holes in the airbox, a unifilter, 0w-40 full synthetic oil, and 98octane premium) just out runs it but not by much. it just depends on how much cash you're willing to part with. the one thing i found was that the jetting was up to shit out of the box so i had it jetted on a dyno, from memory i think it lost 3 jet sizes on the main and the rest was pretty right.

oh and if your 450exc is jetted right with a slight mod to the exhaust tip it'll outrun the 525 too

Gearing. The EXC's are geared very tall. The WR's are not

Has he changed the throttle stop screw?

You might run this one over on the WR forum. You'll get several good answers.

Hey MattyH .. What mod can be done to the exhaust tip on the 450exc?

Not wanting to stereotype BUT it's only this US site that constantly has these threads about hotting up bikes to out drag another. Ridiculous, rider input is not even factored, you may say there's little difference and how hard is it to pin it in a straight line, well in the drags the most powerful car doesn't always win does it! when your bitchin' about metres technique is a factor at least swap bikes with ya mate and try again, at least you'll prove he needs the work not the bike. :D

Thats cause everyone else is so smarter and cooler, and and............. I really couldnt give a crap about draging or overall speed, its usually trollers that put up post up like this. I guess in your mind you need to be better than (US sights). Thats cool with me, I just like to ride my bike and have fun doing that. :D And if you are from OZ and on this sight does this not make it a

open sight?

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