coolant leak

my 2000 YZ426F will start to leak a little coolant out of the overflow tube within 5 minutes of being started. From what i've read this is fairly normal for this bike. I just wanted to ask you guys if there's anything i can try, or should i just make sure the coolant stays at the proper levels.

There is no problem with your coolant level. If oyu let the YZF sit and idle for any time longer than about three minutes, coolant will always boil out. The fix is to just blip the throttle a few times to keep the engine percolating. No airflow will also make the head pipe glow red in minutes if your not careful.

This subject has been discussed at great length already.

turkey baster mod/ catch bottle, I did it and I'll never look back!!!!

thanks for the help guys. i'm going to looke into the wr overflow bottle

to help things run cooler try header wrap around the header in the area of the radiator, also put some reflective tape under the radiator that is over the header. i did this and really helps things run cooler

Header wrap does make it run cooler, but at the expense of cathcing every piece of dirt that comes its way.

First thing I would do is check the cap itself and make sure it's holding pressure or just go with a new 1.2 - 1.7 cap

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