450exc vs wr450

Good friend of mine sunk $300+ on a new yosh for his wr450. :D I want to help the guy out because I still crawl away from him :eek: with a stock 450exc (new jd jetting kit of course). What else can the fella do to keep up :D . How much money does he need to invest or should we convince him in getting the 525exc? :D

To keep up with a ktm? Start the bike?

Starting the bike seems to be pretty easy for him since he had just replaced his starter on his new 05 wr450 but the hard part is passing me. I can't even imagine racing a 250. I don't think it is worth the petrol.

Some easy mods would be YZ timing, YZ cam, etc.

I assume he has already done the throttle stop? Maybe not seeing he cant pass you?

Are u sure he can ride good. I would think that a wr450 would not have much problem keeping up or passing your bike. I know my yz426 doesn’t have any prob. with the orange bikes. :D

Sure you'd put up for the petrol, you bought a ktm.

tell him to go to a 40-47 rear sprocket....thats his only chance :D that KTM 525 is crazy......no words can explain it.

I doubt this guy has done the throttle stop on his WR.

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