426 Getting To Hot

Was riding my bike the other day in some tight slow trails so obviously air flow was minimal and engine temps were high. Could this cause my bike to die often? I Would just be easing along and it would kill over. Im pretty sure it was my bad clutching skills, because after it died it would take 5 or 6 kicks to start. then last time it died it took me about 50 kicks and 20 mins of sitting for it to start again.

Did you do the 426 clutch mod? Those bikes were prone to overheating in the conditions you described. Do a search and you'll find the fix.

I dont think thats the problem. Mine is an 01 and isnt that problem just on 00's and the clutch shouldnt have anything to do with the hard starting? Should it?

If you're at idle then it's easy to stall in the tight stuff. When restarting be sure to use the hot-start, that will save your leg a lot of pain. If you're jetting is off a tad then that can also make it easier to stall and more difficult to start. Try fiddling with the fuel screw a little to see if you can improve it any.

when I stall mine hot, do this: pull out hot start, depress comp rel. and give it a good 20 kicks to clear it out, then try and start it /w/ the hot start still out... if still not fire, push it in.....hope this helps,


Try some Water Wetter or Engine Ice too... I doubt it will fix the problem but it will help keep the heat down quite a bit.

Already has engine ice...Do you think it could be because a dent in the muffler? when i bought the bike it had the dent and its fouled 2 plugs since ive had it which is about a month. Maybe that dent is restricting flow enough to foul my plugs?

I doubt it's the dent. Look at your plug now to determine what color it is. It will tell you whether it's lean/rich.

Is this a new symptom?

Whats your current jetting specs? temp, elevation, etc.....

sounds like your jetting could use some attention.

Maybe that dent is restricting flow enough to foul my plugs?

If you are referring to the dent on the bottom of the Muffler, it is by design. It is for clearance when/if you should bottom out from hitting your rear brake caliper... :D

Many threads on this...

spend the 100 bucks and install the 450 exhaust cam and 90 percent of your troubles will disappear along with a 10 oz. flywheel weight

Not sure on Jetting as i just got the bike about a month ago....Well it is new because the bike is new, its done it since i got it if thats what your asking. Im gonna be adding a Thunder Alley slip on muffler soon so ill check jetting then. If it still continues ill check more into jetting.

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