Anyone make a clutch/decompression lever assembly?

Took a digger this weekend and broke my decompression lever. :D

Does anyone make a clutch lever/decompression lever assembly? :D

I see tons of clutch/hotstart lever assemblies but not what I'm looking for.

This is on my 2001 WR426. :D

Anyone? :D

i used the clutch/hot start lever by works conaction as a clutch/decompression lever with no problem at all.

I installed a 03 yz450 ex cam and retired my lever :D

I have one setten in the garage that's like new, did the cam mod

and I will never need it so make me a fair offer and it;s yours. :D

With cable

I have one setten in the garage that's like new, did the cam mod

Hay rattler do you have a wr426? I did the cam mod on mine and was playing this weekend disconnecting and reconnecting the grey wire. It seems to run better with it connected. Did you try this on yours??

I have tried both and I found that it seems to respond a little quicker

with the gray wire disconnected, however it will over rev if you run it

way up in the RPM, I like the mid range and have found that with the

cam mod I can short shift her and the grunt hits hard.

She's a 01 WR426 with the 03 YZF cam mod, power now, air box opened

up, a FMF powercore 4 and of course the throttle screw cut.

I almost traded her in and after the cam mod I realized that with the new

power band of the cam mod and the fact that she's paid for keeps

here in the garage when were not out scoot en around.


Thanks,... but I picked one up earlier today from ebay.

Thanks rattler :D May be time to check out my jetting again :D

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