Edlebrock question

How do you adjust idle speed? I thought it was by the black knob that's on the end of the tube, but that thing only seems to turn counterclockwise?

That is it. It should turn both ways. It might be installed wrong or in a bind.

Counterclockwise will only turn the idle down,it should turn clockwise also to turn up the idle.........

It's been a while, but I seem to remember there is a small nut on the end of the black tube that must be removed for it to work properly.

When I adjust mine, I usually end up holding the black tube about half way up with my left hand and turning the knob with my right. If I don't, the tube twists resulting in a bind.

Hope this helps.

To increase idle, I twist my grip and turn black knob , so it takes pressure off stop . (no binding)

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