Exhaust louder is better

Hey Gang need a little help. I am looking to upgrade my 01 WR426 exhaust from uncorked factory to aftermarket. In most of the threads I read folks talk about the best performance with low DB output. I am looking for performance as sound is not an issue. (louder is better)

Have any of you been tested with the uncorked stock pipe? How loud is it? I read all about different noise levels and I am not to sure where I am now.

Thanks for your help.

Why in the hell do you think louder would be better??? I have been recently running A WB E exhaust and its so freaking loud that Im considering using ear plugs :D

If you are going for performance then go for the pipe that gives the most performance, but be prepared for ringing ears :D

FMF Powercore4 at about 103+ db, and add the quiet core insert for 94db. Have both, one for indor closed course competition, and works on public lands with the insert. :D

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