Switching frame from 01 wr426 to 05 450

Could any one tell me if a 05 wr450 frame is the same as a 01 wr426.

I found the 05 frame and could get it for cheep. I think the title will let me regester it for street use. And switching it over would be fun. OK I'm sick in that way. I think it's the keg in my shop that makes me that way.

The 05 is different. I have read that the 05 top frame tube connects lower on the steering head. It helps lower the center of gravity- having ridden the 03, and now owning an 05, it makes a big difference. I am not sure if the tank, shock, subframe mounting points, etc have changed. I suspect they have but may be wrong... Good luck, maybe you can take some comparative measurements.

It is all together different......

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