Octane Booster

I am new to the WR and this BB. Just bought a 2001 WR 426. I searched the archives, but did not find much regarding the use of octane boosters. Is this a way to increase the octane of pump premium, or the way to ruin?


i know this stuff well & my advice is stay clear.

a fool & his money are easily parted...

octane booster stops detonation. you only get detonation when the ignition timing is wrong, when you have a hot spot in the combustion chamber, when the compression is so high that the mixture explodes instead of a controlled burn.

a standard engine therefore doesn't need it. if you get it you can whack the compression up to 18 to 1. some riders are reporting good results with nitro, that's nitroglycerein.

apparently you get a bigger kick per buck spent.


I agree with Taffy - stay clear of octane booster. Most folks have no problems running super pump gas. If you are concerned - run race gas VP C-14 is a good one ($8.00-9.00 yes! what Taffy said about a fool)

But also, be sure to be careful with even race gas.. It has a chemical that can eat some of the rubber o rings in the carb. If you do use it, mix 50/50 with Premium Pump gas..


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