what is a paddle wheel worth?

I bought a 2001 xr650r that came with a paddle wheel that I am thinking of selling. It is a factory rim/hub with the rotor, a 45 tooth sprocket, spacers and a Kings turbo paddle tire. what is a fair price to ask for this, everything looks in good shape.

The cheapest I have bought a stock rear wheel w/tire was $280 off ebay. The sprocket and rotor wasn't worth anything on mine but, the hub, rim and tire were like new. Paddles are cheaper then most good tires so, that doesn't change the price. I have seen them go for as Much as $400 and I missed a few for less then mine. You can get a new setup without a tire from RAD with RAD hub, Excel or eagle rim and Rad heavy duty spokes for just over $600. I have three full sets for my bike and the rad setup is on it most of the time. I use one stock setup for street and one for sand (10 paddle for Dumont, Pismo, Glamis)

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