noisy exhaust

I have a very similar tip installed on my stock system. The turn down tip was trimmed a little different so it looks a bit better. I have to say that the set up is just about as good as my Big Gun System. It may not look as good but it works well and is quieter. It tested out once at 91 DB my Big Gun Quiet blew a 96 db on two different occasions which is passing but on the edge. I think it's a good upgrade for the money.

Ordered the Quietiscool one about 2 weeks ago. Will advise once it arrives and I install.

Came in today. Good quality. 26 mm id instead of stock 20 mm id.

Using Pi x r squared, stock is 314.26 mm squared area; New insert is 531.1 mm squared area.

69% increase in area, theoretically 69% increase in flow, I suppose.

Geek mode off now. Will give a seat of the pants impression tonight after install. :banghead:

Fired up bike upon removing stock insert. Now that's the way a 4 stroke is supposed to sound :banghead: Too bad that dB level irritates the non-riders and results in closed riding areas...

The install of the new insert was quick and easy. None of the poor fit problems often experienced with various aftermarket parts. This is a quality piece.

With the end cap back on, only a well trained eye would detect a non stock insert. On the 05 the insert does not stick out past the end cap.

The low end is unchanged. Mid range is perhaps marginally better- a bit more responsive, quicker revving. Top end seems improved.

The greatest improvement was decreased heat. Big difference. Before I felt the heat radiating off the pipe and muffler. Hardly noticeable now. Right after a 30 minute ride I was able to grab the right side grab handle inside the # plate. Impossible to do that without gloves before. I was also able to brush my hand across muffLer immediately after shutdown. That wouLd have been a burn with stock insert...

I suspect the exhaust temp decrease is a fairly good indicator of engine temp decrease.

Most importantly, the exhaust voLume is essentially unchanged. Perhaps slightLy louder, but minimal.

Money well spent, in my opinion.

ps- got back from ride and noticed the copper gasket sitting in tool box. Oops. Anyone know if this really matters? Can't see any harm to eliminating the gasket.

The copper gasket is just there to get a good seal.

I would put it back in since it only takes a minute to do.

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