Where did the oil go?

Took a trip to Kennedy Meadows this weekend...

Changed the oil Thursday before we left. Checked it with the bike warm, and the level was right up to the middle of the cross hatched area of the dip stick.

Rode a 40 mile loop of nice, easy riding and a 20 mile loop of pretty tight, slow going singletrack. Checking the bike over that night for the next day's ride, and the oil level was down...way down. Took a little over a pint to top it back up. No laks apparent anywhere. Went for a 20 mle ride the next day, and no change in oil level upon return.

I have two questions...1) has anyone experienced this kinda thing before, and if so, what caused it? and 2) Wadda ya think...did I do some damage running with the oil that low? No funny noises coming fromt he motor...or at least, no funnier/louder than normal.

maybe the 1st oil check b4 u left was a lil low.

make sure the engine is warm before checking??

time to check the level is a few min. after stopping the engine...to soon level will be maxed, too late, level will be below minimum mark

May be a stupid question, but did you get the right amount back in when you did your oil change? A friend of mine put her WR into a shop a while back and try as they might, they couldn't get the full amount back in.... Turns out the bike had collected an airlock and whilst all looked well on the stick to start with, later in the day the bike siezed solid :D A little bit of detective work later and we discovered the shop had never put the right quantity in to start with...

make sure the engine is warm before checking??

I laugh at my girl every time she checks the oil when cold. She makes such a fuss, Ive got no oil! Ive got no oil :D

She just can't understand the theory behind dry sump operation.................


Yup, I checked the oil with the motore warmed up for about two minutes, and yes, I used a ratio rite to measure the amount of oil I put in. One of life's great mysteries...

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