Mulholland shocks?

Does anyone (socalxr) know where to find Mulholland shocks? Are they still being produced? If not, then is there any other aftermarket units available for a 1977 XR75? I'd like to find a set that are longer than stock, since I'm planning on using longer front forks. It's time to finish this project, or get rid of it!

Ted K.

Ebay or junkyards is about your best bet. There is a guy that sells Boge shocks, but they are only about 12.25"-12.5". Just a tad longer than stock.

Classic Honda carries Kitaco rear shocks for Z50s in various lengths, you might find what you need by clicking HERE , and then clicking on Z50 on the home page.

Also, Works Performance sells new shocks in any length and spring type, but they are costly.

alot of suspension shops will lengthen or shorten forks Im thinking of having it done for my xr100 it will cost me about $150 to have them lengthened at a local machine shop

here is the eye candy i have chosen for my old xr.

ya those shocks are roughly $1200

until i can get a nice set like that i have a nice set of fox air shocks that fit the bike nicely. they are old and one needs rebuilt so both will get treatment and they are about an inch longer than stock and no not for sale.

My bike is an 1982 xr100 frame with the shorter xr80 seat. and i have ktm 105 complete wheels on front and rear with ktm105 rear disk brakes and big ktm brembo brakes on the front. the bike looks stock at a glance but then its hey look it has disk brakes. oh and forks. u guys will love this one. we picked them up at a savage yard. they are from a 1974 suzuki street bike. they work suprisingly well.

The setup i have on my 75 for now is twinshock cr80 shocks with an old twinshock xr100 swingarm

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