Clutch Noise

started my 01 wr 426 today left it idleing in neutral pulled in the clutch to take off and then all of a sudden this weird tapping noise began down in the clutch area where the springs basket and plates are etc. only did it when the bike was leaned to one side when it was straight up off the stand it was normal there were no noises. Not sure what it is thanks for any input. :D

How old it your oil? I would lay the bike over and pull the clutch cover and check it out

the kick started wasnt held down was it , you could have a weak kick started spring or something and the kickstarted sagged a little and that is what the noise was.

check your oil!!!

Check your oil, if the oil is old and black (burnt) the adhesion viscosity has reduced causing the metalic moving parts to expand more than normal giving you noise gremlins. YZ/WR's are dependent on good quality oil and filtration. A good lasting protective oil that I have used is Castrol Super TT (RED) made for high revving 4s but ace for WR'S

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