Clutch assembly question... yz426

I'm in the midst of reassembly and have a question about how the thrust washer for the clutch boss should fit. I have a 2000 w/ the 2001 clutch updates and I've swapped my stock basket for a performance engineering basket. The update was done years ago, but the basket is brand new and this is its first time being installed.

If I put the thrust washer onto the spline it goes beyond the splined area of the shaft and onto the unsplined area where it is no longer securely supported or centered because its now riding beyond the splines. I can install the boss and everything fits, but I'm concerned about the thrust washer installing beyond the splined area of the shaft. Is that normal or not? Should there be a spacer behind the basket taking up that small gap?


If I remember correctly, when I did my 01 mod, I noticed the same thing. I'm 99 percent sure that it is by design. My clutch worked great.

Good deal!

Thanks to both of you.

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