12 Volts DC for my GPS?

Has there been any discussion on this site as to how to get 12 volts DC out of my 2000 WR? All I want to power is my GPS. Thanks for the help


You have two options. The first is to buy a voltage reg/rectifier and float your ground wire on the stator. This will change your AC system to DC. Baja Designs will sell you the component for $50. (They Also want $15 for the instructions on how to change your ground) Or you can just run a total loss system which you can recharge with a battery tender at the end of the day. You can use a small gell cell or Nicad that will fit smartly in the airbox. (I use a powersonic 1208 myself.) Compact and .8 amps is more than plenty juice for a day or two. http://www.dcbattery.com/power-sonic.html


Hey Fershy,

My friend bought the BD regulator, and is running a floating DC ground system per the instructions, but it isn't working out that great. Lots of AC appears at the regulator's DC outputs at higher RPM's. Baja Designs tech support has never mentioned anything about lifting the stator ground, I'm thinking it's a simple job for anyone with electrical experience? It sounds way better than floating the DC ground per the BD instructions...

Try taking the "regulated" AC (your ac will have to be limited in size,"regulated", if its not blowing up your headlight/taillight), go buy a $1 full bridge rectifier at a surplus store, hang a few capacitors off it to filter out the garbage (maybe even add an inductor in series with the +ve lead feeding the caps, just like for car stereos) and then check your GPS specs to see that it probably needs 10 to 30Vdc, ie not regulated, but typically happier with the ac noise spike garbage removed.

Budsboy, Glad to see you also use a GPS. The group of guys that I ride with each carry garmin 12's. I have powered the GPS through the bikes ele. sys, but I dont recommend it, I have fried 2 units during the process. I would hate for something to go wrong when im miles away from civilization like a light going out. I use plain old AA's, they will last all day. I just went to Best Buy and bought rechargables and the charging station fits in my backpack no problem. So I'll give those a try. Good Luck, Dan

I'm using the BD kit and I have my GPS wired into the bike's power. I followed the BD instructions that came with the kit to change the ground and convert to DC. It was an easy procedure. I've never had a problem, except that the stator output is too low to run my lights and the GPS and the turn signals at the same time. I have to rev the engine a little to activate turn signals if I'm just idling. Has anyone rewound their stator higher than the 130 watts Baja Designs advertises that they will do?

BTW, I can't imagine heading out into the Ocala National Forest, about 300K acres, without a GPS.

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I believe that Clark Mason had his stator rewound - search the archives as I don't remember his opinion on the pros/cons.


I fitted 12 volt DC computer fans to my radiators by finding a live wire (probably horn or idiot light) behind the headlight to attach a fullwave rectifier, I sourced a "solid state", if that is the right term, battery about 1"x1.5"x5". The battery fitted inside the top lip of the airbox with a couple of zip ties. According to my meter the voltage is stable. The battery and rectifier cost $35aus ($18us) Rectifier mounts via a hole in the heatsink to a mount on the top triple clamp (probably the speedo mount).

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