Need Help! Question on WR wheels....

OK, picked up a set of wheels from a '98 WR to be installed on a 2001 WR. Problem is the 98 has a smaller diameter axle. Will a 1999 or newer bearing/spacer set would fit into a 1998 hub, so that the thicker axle would fit that hub??

OR could I reasonably take the hub and axle into a bearing shop, and ask them "I want a bearing with an outside diameter of this (hand them the hub) with an inside diamter of this (hand them the axle)" and have any reasonable expectation that they would be able to match that up?

Any advice or solution will be much appreciated, thanks in advance!


You need to order a long spacer bushing and cut it down to length to build up the shaft to the correct diameter. This bushing will need to be put in the wheel hub and then put the wheel in between the forks and slide the axle in. The length needs to be cut to fit between the forks with no slop. :D

I din't know what it would take to fit those wheels, but I know the 2001's are easier to find than the old 98's. I might be interested in the '98 wr wheels if you end up wanted to sell them.

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