Scratch and Dent Pipes

Good bad or in diffrent..

Found a complete DMC kit for the 02 426's for 180 bucks... has a dent in the can? wondering what you guys think...

And its brand new to boot... seems to good to be true... 300 bucks off for a dent.. hmmm

Edited for proper product..

send some pics...we'll go from there....

I was thinking...DMZ? C!

ya whatever.. :D

lol... but it looks like the dent is on the bottom most portion of the can closest to the motor... would that effect it in anyway... i wonder if it could be pulled apart and knocked out somehow?? No one would see it since its under neath and all..

I was never impressed with that pipe............ :D

It looks like the standard dent that comes in stock YZ pipes for tire clearance.

i also found a FMF PC4 i believe for a bit more.. didnt include head pipe... i was thinkin since this is a COMPLETE system including head pipe it wouldnt be too bad of a deal...

DMC exhausts are fugly. I'd go with the FMF.

i you do an fmf go with a full ti4 system you would be happier and ony like a 150 bucks more than a pc4 full system

best place to get them

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