Scotts Stabilizer HELP!!!!

Me and a friend are racing Vegas to Reno in Oct. and I am ready to order a Scotts stabilizer for his '01 650R and I see they have a very expensive front mount kit to make it easy to check the oil. How tough is it to check the oil with the standard mount. Any tips would be appreciated. I'm new to stabilizers, :D

Do you really wanna take the stabilizer off and the mount just to check the oil duing a race. Racing ain't cheap. Get the right mount.

Get the right mount.

or do the oil sight tube mod.

You can use a GPR front post/ tower. It's way cheaper than the Scotts.

I went with the front mount and like it. It's strong and out of the way. You don't want to screw around with the dip stick mount. IMHO When you buy the kit make sure you move the bars as far forward as you can. I ran Pro-tapers and they are centered over the fork tubes. You can bearly see the position in the picture on my web site

I went with the post off the oil dip stick mount. I hate it! :D:D:eek: I have the oil site tube and I still hate taking it all apart for every oil change. :eek::D

i have an extra front mount (made by BRP). i switched to GPR on my 650 just so i could do an under the bars mount...i put the Scotts on my Husky.

make me a deal and its yours...

dont even think about running a rear mount on the pig.

I am running a BRP front mount and like it a lot. You just need to make sure that you keep some clearance behind the front plate/headlight area so the stabilizer shaft can go back and forth.

It sounds like Mikekay has what you want. Also BRP is great to deal with.


Hey Mike Kay,

While we're on the subject.

I need a Scott's steeing stabilizer mount. From my old XR600 I have a Scott's stabilizer AND the aluminum mount that bolts the stabilizer on top the bar and onto the stock triple clamps. It's for stock bars (NOT the FAT Pro-Taper bars).

I think this will also fit my XR650R, but I need a bolt on tower (NOT the one that goes onto the oil filler hole).

Do you think yours may work?

600ish - Go with the BajaD. sight tube and a forward mount for your Scotts. If you're ordering the whole kit from Scotts that makes it easy, less possibility of getting miss-matched parts.

Who else needs a forward mount for a 650R? M.K. and I both have extras.

>>M.K. and I both have extras<<

8/17/05 - forget I said that, my extra post is on it's way to "dualsport650"

Run The BRP setup forward mount tower, works awesome and the oil fill is accessible............... :D

Get the BRP fwd mount setup with the triple clamp that moves the bars 17MM forward. With a high oversize bar it will feel like a different bike. I'd go as far to say the bar reposition was a better mod than the addition of the damper. I've had dampers on many bikes, and on the BRP it's not a dramatic improvement because the bike is already pretty stable. But if you're racing you'll want it for rock-caused crash insurance.

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