E-series pipe and jetting

I have recently purchased a White Brothers E-series pipe and I am using the stock headpipe on my 04 WR 450 . I am using 6 discs and the pipe and sound are awsome, power? I am presently using stock jetting, with 165 main jet and the pilot screw turned out 2 turns, and shees way to lean.

What jets, set-up should I use.

I don't want to go to 12 dics, way too loud, but anything below that would be fine.

I ride trails and fire roads, at sea level to 2000 feet, at 5 to 25 degrees Celcius.

Thanks for the advice.

Hot Toddy

2004 WR 450

2004 KTM 950 Adventure S

Search the sticky at the top of the form.

I stepped up to a 170 main jet on my bike with no mods other than throttle and grey wire and it runs much better. I was riding at sea level and the 170 seemed perfect to me.

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