Should I add holes to my Utah skid plate?

This would be for cooling purposes only. Where does it make sense to do?

Thanks, Jeff

Are you having issues with overheating? If not, don't mess with it. But if you are, it would make more sense to try coolant additives or adding fans to the radiators. Drilling holes in your skid plate probably isn't the most efficient method.


It doesn't make sense to this idiot. Why dump money on something, then cut holes in it and weaken it?

If you need cooling down there, buy a fan instead.

I'm not trying to be ignorant or anything. So many posts in this group about problems of overheating and mysterious shock waves propagating through the drive chain into the tranny when riding on the street.

There must be someting wrong with my WR. It starts, idles, runs fine and doesn't boil over.

My $2.59 worth...

I added the Boyesen water pump impeller and I have been very happy with it. It made a noticable diff in keeping it from boiling over.

I also drilled out my skid plate to lighten it and to allow a little more flow, although only up high on the front.

This would be for cooling purposes only. Where does it make sense to do?

Thanks, Jeff

I only drilled one hole in my Utah Sportcycle skid plate and that was to open up the bottom just a bit to better access the drain bolt. If you're not having overheating problems with your bike then I'd leave it as is. :D

Im going to add holes just to make it easier to wash all the mud and crap that get stuck in there so I dont have to take it right off to clean it properly!!!

Do it, it would aid in cooling, drop some weight and be easier to keep it clean under the skid plate, ie mud packing it which can also aid in overheating.

I think it's bad advise to drill holes in it. The guys above explained how to keep your bike cool other wise. That's good advise.

When it comes time to change my oil, I just take the skid plate off to #1, make it easier to change the oil and #2, to get everything nice and clean under there. Not a whole lot of trouble to go through, ya know?? :D

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