SRC Fork Skins / Fork Guard setup on BRP

I was wondering how well this setup is working for anyone who uses it. There were some scattered posts about the neoprene ripping, but nothing conclusive. I'm with the rest of the BRP riders out there when I say that those look a heck of alot tricker than the accordians on there now, but at the $200 or whatever they want for the setup, is it worth the money? Also, I ride in the desert primarily, and I would think that the neoprene would start cracking and falling apart? Thanks.

These look pretty similar to the SRC guards, but they don't come in black. They're only $31.99 and even though they're listed for the XR250, I've heard they fit the 650r. I've also heard KTM offers an upper fork guard for their bikes that had non-inverted forks and their guards came in balck and were only about $50 to $60 for the set.

I have the setup and wouldn't buy it again. I broke one of the guards the first ride out. Supposed to be unbreakable, yeah. I ripped the skins too. I do ride tight new england woods but this is what the guards are for. Personally I think they look cool but aren't any better than the acordian boots. Way too expensive for what they are. Just to replace one fork guard costs $30+. I bought them thinking I'd have better cooling with more airflow seeing the guards are thinner than the acordian boots. No such luck. If you're going for looks than get it otherwise spend it on other mods.

Mine ripped too. :D But looked cool for awhile.

Hmmm... well, stock it is then. Everything SRC sells is overpriced anyway. :D

I'm happy with my fork skins, Been on for over a year and not torn yet and if they do get tore i'll replace them unless i find sumthin better.... :D

i like mine . and still like new . overa year old. I would do it again. my .02

mine are great!

BTW a fork brace would be my first mod to any XR650L


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